for Pharmacies

Electronic Prescribing + Streamlined Processing and Inventory Control = Efficient Pharmacy Operations and Happy Customers

Our ePharm solution brings it all together! ePharm is our fully electronic pharmacy module that is connected in real-time with the other components of the MedWiz system. This powerful integration ensures that your pharmacy can provide exceptional care and practically eliminate errors.

You can do all this and actually save money as well! With the MedWiz system, maintaining medical records, filing paper prescriptions and updating and printing MAR's are a thing of the past.

MedWiz understands that the pharmacy plays an integral role in the care provided at LTC facilities. We further realize that facilities have choices when it comes to choosing their providers. ePharm is a solution that provides it users with a significant advantage in their ability to provide excellent service. The long term care pharmacy enjoys substantial saving in the human resources they expend. Additionally, the pharmacy is better able to ensure that the correct and proper treatment is dispensed. Imagine a world in which there were no physician call backs for verification of illegible handwriting or non-existent drug strengths