for LTC Facilities

There are 1.9 million adverse drug events in LTC facilities each year.1 Stay on top of medication management with MedWiz.

The MedWiz system is the smartest choice for eMAR. It is the most powerful solution - with more robust features than anything on the market today. By far our greatest accomplishment has been building a system that is feature rich and robust - yet simple to use. We realize that keeping things simple and intuitive while maintaining current work flow habits is essential to success.

Our system follows the life cycle of the prescription from the initial physician order to recording the administration at the patient’s bedside and everything in between. Every aspect of medication management is captured and recorded in real-time - simultaneously with the event.

Give MedsNever See a Blank MAR Entry Again!

Passing meds with MedWiz is one of the simplest tasks to perform. The system knows which residents and what meds are due to be given based on the current time, which meds are scheduled to be given by the nurse or physician, and any PRNs available to be given.

With MedWiz, you also have the ability to "pre-pour" medications for the upcoming shift to help ensure an efficient and timely med pass. All recording is done along with the pass - so if a resident takes or refuses a med, it is recorded in real time. No more paper or binders to flip through, document and sign - resulting in a quicker and more accurate med pass which means safer and better quality care.

Resident Information Management

It all begins with a patient or resident admission to the facility. Patient information is entered into the system and is immediately available to all users including the pharmacy and physician. Medwiz maintains a complete patient profile - always available and always up to date.

Simply Intelligent ePrescription

The Rx Wizard is a progressive order system that builds an order one step at a time through a simple wizard process. This intuitive process is available for physicians to write electronic orders and is easy enough for facility staff to transcribe or record an order to the MAR.

Never Fear a Regulatory Audit!

Because MedWiz is a completely electronic solution managing prescriptions and maintaining records is all done online. No more searching for the most current paper orders through endless stacks or files. All records and orders are stored within the system and are available to print on demand.


Comprehensive Reporting

The ability to view and print information that the system captures is critical. MedWiz has developed a robust reporting tool that gives its users the power and flexibility they need. Generating reports is done via our built-in state-of-the-art reporting engine that allows the user to print, email and/or save reports with the touch of a button.

MedWiz Inventory Control

Inventory Control
Many eMAR systems have conveniently left out inventory control from their product offering. Our solution is built with the ability to track inventory and enable the system to request refills and reorders automatically based on predetermined inventory levels for each medication. All this means you will never run out of a medication again!

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance
MedWiz is at the forefront of technological advances in healthcare and in many respects, we are leading the way. We are dedicated to ensuring that our system complies with all laws and regulations of various regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels. We continue to work closely with audting and regulatory officials state by state to gain requisite approvals and remain compliant.
[1] The American Journal of Medicine - March 2005